Sexuality is more than sex and orgasm.

It is beauty, sensuality, eroticism and understanding.

It is knowing your own body and it is connecting with your partner's.

"But it's also important to realize that orgasm isn't the whole imperative of sensuality."

Some facts about masturbation

Masturbation is not immoral or dirty and you really shouldn’t be ashamed of it.
In anonymous surveys, it was recognized by more than 90% of men and more than 80% of women.
Helps both physical and mental health. With it, we explore our body and learn what suits us and what doesn't. In this way, it is easier for us to trust our partner with our own desires and thus improve our sexual life together.


Regular masturbation has been shown to be one of the most effective natural ways in relieving menstrual cramps. It also takes care of healthier pelvic floor muscles. It helps us relieve headaches, reduces stress and helps with insomnia problems. With it, the body secretes endorphins - hormones of well-being. Some research even confirms that masturbation prevents cervical infections and reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


Too often prioritized and revered in intimate relationships. However, it is still important that women, whose needs are often sidelined, are also satisfied in sexuality. Either this is because of her partner’s misunderstanding of her body or because she herself is not even aware of what pleases her and what she wants. It is known that many women never experience an orgasm during sexual intercourse, while they achieve it much easier and more often through masturbation. It is even known that more than 40 percent of women enjoy masturbation more than sex.


The first display of female masturbation was found on a clay figurine in a shrine in Malta from the 4th millennium BC.


Every individual should know his body and explore the limits of his pleasure because only in this way can he fully enjoy sexuality. Instant gratification of sexual needs, misunderstanding, oversaturation with sexualization - all this consumes us as erotic beings. Therefore, Her-O attaches importance to knowing one's own pleasures, pushing away beauty and aesthetics in sexuality, and respecting the discourse on the topic of sexuality.


By masturbating, we get to know our own and our partner's body. We give sexuality a touch of essence and depth.


The body is an extension of our personality. It is a reflection of our being and is a bridge between the mental and the physical. Let’s learn to worship and adore him.


Exploring your own or your partner’s body strengthens the relationship and teaches us what suits us mutually. Masturbation with or in front of a partner also boosts self-esteem.

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