CERAMICS- solid tenderness

Ceramics is one of the most natural and earthy materials. 

It combines firmness, hardness and elegance, and at the same time it is very gentle, seductive and feminine. 

Just like Her-O.


"We intentionally don't make statues by the mold, each is hand-shaped."

“Just as every body is unique, so are Her-O statuettes. "


Clay is a wonderful natural material, and creating with it requires your time, concentration and patience. 

Each statue is born from a mass of clay, which then goes through several stages of shaping. 


First, the clay is carefully shaped into the desired shape and size. Ceramic phalluses are available in three sizes.

The statuettes are then fired and glazed for the first time with edible, skin-friendly colors. This is followed by re-firing at a high temperature, which reaches as high as 1200 ° C and makes the ceramic resistant and non-porous. 


There is no need to worry about any damage during use! 

Our statues are solid and, when used properly, very durable and resistant. 

It is recommended to warm the phallus under hot water or in your hands for a more pleasant feeling before use, if desired.

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