Aesthetics of sensuality

Love, sensuality, and pleasure have their physical and metaphysical form.

Discover the world of Her-O, unique ceramic phalluses that give aesthetics form and pleasure.


"We intentionally don't make the statues by the mold, each one is hand-shaped."

“Just as every body is unique, so are Her-O statues."


Aesthetics and sexuality have always throughout the history been intertwined and in relation to each other.

Eroticism is aesthetics in sexuality and aesthetics is eroticism in art.

Her-O statue also have a purely decorative value- it is intended for anyone who likes it, regardless of age and gender.


With eyes closed, pleasure has primarily a metaphysical value. However, pleasure is much more than just the enjoyment of erotic sensuality.

It’s a look, it’s a smell, it’s a touch…

It is the beauty of what is seen and it is the beauty within the seen. It is the pleasure of an individual being able to recognize beauty in another.

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