Who is a Hero?

Every person who is not afraid of his individuality is a HERO.

We are all heroes, both women and men, who are not afraid of our own sexuality.

We take the quality of sexuality and erotic pleasures into our own hands.

We give ourselves the opportunity to enjoy through exploring our own and our partner’s bodies.

Only by knowing ourselves can we build a quality and healthy relationship with others.

Heroes are also:

Alja T.


Alja is the founder and leading force of Her-O. Her energy and enthusiasm ignited the idea of ​​creating a project that offers a world of pleasures through ceramics.

Alja is the personification of a strong and independent woman and as such a true representative of the Her-O concept.

Eva N.

Creative director

Eva is a painter and independent ceramic artist. Her taste for aesthetics and sophistication gives Her-O an elegance and sophistication that makes it even more unique.

She gives shape to the Her-O project through clay and brings it to life.

"Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another."

Madonna Ciccone