Her-O is a unique product that is completely handmade. Due to its aesthetic perfection, it is suitable as a gift for a loved one, for personal use, for two, three..., or simply as a decoration in the apartment.


Her-O products are glazed with edible colors that are completely safe to use. All products are also vegan and of course of Slovenian origin. There is no need to worry about the phalluses being damaged or even broken during use. However, we do not recommend using it if you find that the product is damaged.

Aesthetics and pleasure

The statues are hollow, solid and combine a balance between ideal weight and shape. In the desire for aesthetics, they are all simple in shape and slightly curved towards the top. They are made in order to ensure maximum enjoyment. Each product is neatly packed in a velvet bag and gift box, where you can also keep it, but we definitely encourage you to display it on the shelf as a statue.


Her-O ceramic phalluses are handmade from white clay and fired at high temperature. After heat treatment, they are glazed, which gives them additional strength and durability in addition to color.

Maintenance and handling

Ceramics is a solid and durable material if we work with it with feeling and care. Before use, you can warm the product in your hands for a short time if you wish, even though the nature of the clay as a material is warm. After use, wash them with soap and water, and make sure that they dry well each time. We store them in the original packaging, thus preventing any damage to the product.


Na voljo je v treh velikostih.
Velikosti lahko malenkost odstopajo, saj je vsak falus izdelan ročno. Prav tako se glazure na vsakem različno dotaknejo površine gline, pa tudi elegantna krivulja je pri vsakem upognjena po navdihu. Težimo k temu, da so si izdelki čim bolj podobni, vseeno pa se držimo načela, da gre za unikatne kose in zato puščamo, da se v vsakem ta edinstvenost tudi pokaže